About Montre Noire

Secrets of our passion

What we do

We specialise in DLC treatment (Diamond Like Carbon) of luxury watches. The exclusive DLC treatment make our watches extremely scratch resistant whilst providing a unique and intense deep black colour. The watches are unique with a singular radiance which only Montre Noire has the expertise.



The DLC coating has the specificity of penetrating the steel on several layers and providing unique properties comparable to a diamond :




Wear resistance




More than just a surface treatment, this innovative process is also used because of its unique properties in the engines of formula 1 racing cars.


Montre Noire provide a 2 years international guarantee on the mechanism and a lifetime guarantee on the exclusive treatment.



The guarantee is Montre Noire exclusivity. The guarantee cannot be used through resellers or watch makers who are not Montre Noire’s partners.


Since 2010, Montre Noire customizes luxuries timepieces with an exclusive black DLC coating. Our two watchmakers provide an unique know-how according to the swiss made tradition.



We can also offer full customization of the watch to get tailor-made. The customization possibilities are almost limitless.